Michael Friedman's interest in music and guitar started at the age of five (5) when he heard Jimi Hendrix for the first time.  At the age of eleven (11), Michael went to see a performance of the techno band, The Prodigy, and immediately knew that music would be his life.  He begged his parents to buy him a guitar for the entire next year, until his father relented and brought him into a music store to finally pick one.  It was at this time, Michael also met Vince Genella, who would become his teacher, mentor and inspiration.

In 1999, Michael took lessons from Grammy Award winning guitarist and producer, Larry Mitchell.  By 2000, he started playing in bands and playing local shows in North Jersey.  Later that same year he started applying all his knowledge and experience and began teaching guitar himself.  Simultaneously, he was playing out three (3) nights a week in a cover band. 

In 2003, Friedman took a job at a music store to assist him with one of his other musical passions, recording.  At this time, he started designing and installing studios and sound systems for everyone from local musicians to big name artists and clubs.  All the whole, he remained teaching and working behind the scenes for major artists while still playing in different bands. In 2007, he join a metal band named Beyond Shadows out of NYC.  Beyond Shadows went to Gothenburg Sweden to record an album at Studio Fredman with famed producer, Fredrik Nordstrom.

By 2008, Michael took all he had learned about the recording process and started working at a local studio called, The Fallout Shelter.  He then helped move and grow the studio, and Ark Studios commenced.  

He joined, The Minor Lift, in 2010 and went on to play shows at the Stone Pony and Bamboozle.  
In 2011, Friedman started teaching at Shamrock music as well as joining with another contemporary to open OHM.

In 2012, He joined with Jerry Ramos to work at Mercury Recording Studio in Rutherford NJ.

Michael has built his whole life around music and following his dream. He thanks everyone who helped along the way and always gives thanks to his teacher, Vince, who started it all.